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About 3DiFM

3D (international) Ltd trading as 3DiFM is a company with an objective to develop modular 'pre engineered' hospital buildings to serve the Indian Healthcare construction market.

We provide a unique understanding of our healthcare clients needs thanks to our experience and expertise in the sector. Complete customer satisfaction is of utmost importance and we have a commitment to excellence in all areas of our service, which we achieve by working in partnership with all our stakeholders.

Blending commercial acumen, technology, sustainability and in depth sector knowledge, we ensure a positive patient experience for our clients. As change agents we are leading a revolution in the healthcare sector through advancement in knowledge, technology, and social and cultural change.

We have an absolute commitment to:

  • Integrity, honesty and fairness in all areas of how we do business
  • Our customers’ satisfaction through a commitment to excellence in service
  • Supporting and rewarding our people in career development and work-life balance
  • Sustainability and good corporate citizenship
  • Supporting and contributing to research and further learning for better global health
  • Developing opportunities within and for our business